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2013.6.20-WE-R-M009-SMG8-BK-Shake up your enthusiasm!!!
2013.6.20-WE-R-M009-SMG8-BK-Shake up your enthusiasm!!!
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SKU:  WE-R-M009-SMG8-Bk-Shake up your enthusiasm!!!
Major Color: Black
Gun Weight (With Mag): 3lbs 10oz / 1660g
Mag Weight: 1lbs 1oz / 482g
Gun Length: 419mm / 645mm extended
Barrel Length: ~184mm
Blowback Action: GBB
Hop-up: Adjustable 
Shooting Mode:  Ambidextrous Safe/Semi/Full Auto Selector
Features: Ambidextrous Magazine Release, Ambidextrous Bolt Release Function
Magazine Capacity: 45Rounds
Calibre: 6mm
Stock Type: Retractable Stock
Power Source: HFC134a & HFC22 Gas
Single Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 484mm x 246mm x 88mm
Gross Package Weight: 5lbs 11.5oz / 2590g
Package Contents:
1 x SMG-8 BK
1 x 44 Round Magazine
4 x Hex Screw
1 x Instruction Manual (English & Chinese)
1 x Black -14mm Silencer Adaptor
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